Wild action: 12 best action movies of 2018

We have summed up the interim results of 2018 on this matter and are publishing the top 10 best action films from those that are already available online.

Great Equalizer 2

Robert McCall, a retired CIA agent, is very uncomfortable when bad people offend the good and escape justice. Therefore, sometimes he remembers everything that he was taught at the last place of work, and administers justice on his own. Someone killed Susan, Robert’s only close friend, and he will not leave this unanswered.

Assassin 2. Against everyone

As drug cartels begin ferrying terrorists across the Mexican border, CIA agent Matt Graver reunites with his old acquaintance, operative Alejandro Gillick, whose family was murdered by drug traffickers. Having kidnapped the daughter of one of the leaders of the cartels, they unleash a full-scale war between the gangs.

Thief hunt

Big Nick is the head of the elite Los Angeles Police Force. He, like all the other members of his team, is ready to do anything in order to deal with the bandits and prove that the guys from his squad are the best in their business. Therefore, when he learns about the plan of the famous criminal to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, he considers it his duty to prevent the robbery at all costs.

Death wish

Dr. Paul Kersey is a surgeon and saves the lives of victims of violence every day. But when members of his own family become victims of a street gang, and the police are in no hurry to punish those responsible, he decides to administer justice on his own. He removes the massacre of criminals on video, which, having scattered across the Internet, instantly elevates him to the rank of a national hero.


Just yesterday, the day of insurance agent Michael began with a trip to work on the same route, in the company of long-familiar faces. But today a mysterious stranger invites him to participate in an experiment – for a hundred thousand dollars, the hero needs to find a certain passenger on his train. However, Michael does not even suspect what kind of deadly conspiracy he was drawn into.

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft

Lara, 21, is in college and moonlights as a bike messenger in London instead of running the family’s business empire after her father disappeared. One day she leaves her usual life and goes in search of her parent to Japan, where he was last seen.


A military thriller tells about the events unfolding after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The US Army sends a detachment to Afghanistan to counter Taliban forces.

Dangerous business

An employee of a pharmaceutical company named Harold goes on a business trip to Mexico, where his stunning executive has her own “medical” interests. At some point, he comes up with the idea of staging his own kidnapping and demanding a ransom from his own company. However, Harold has no idea how much he overestimates the humanity of his superiors.


The Chinese vertical city “Pearl” became the center of a fiery catastrophe. Only Will Sawyer, a security expert who lost his leg a few years ago, can save him. Sawyer’s motive is serious – his family is on the upper floors of the building, and his reputation is also threatened.

22 miles

Mark Wahlberg as US intelligence operative. James’ task is, together with the CIA, to deliver an important witness to the airport who is ready to testify in a serious political case. The ride is only 22 miles, but it will be the longest and most difficult journey of their life.


In 2001, after the terrorist attack in New York, the Mauritanian Mohammed Ouled Shahi was among many captured and spent many years in Guantanamo prison without charge, subject to physical and psychological torture. Hope for release did not appear until after seven years of solitary confinement, when lawyer Nancy Hollander became interested in his case, and it took another seven years to achieve freedom.

Mind hunter. Skirmish

FBI analyst Bill Hammier is tasked with talking to serial killer Ted Bundy in order to compose his psychological profile and understand what makes an ordinary person a maniac. Ted Bundy is cunning, charming and no less strong in psychology than his interlocutor, so it is very difficult to split him. The film is based on recordings of real negotiations that took place in the 80s for four years until the day of the execution of the criminal.

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