Top movies of 2020. Presently

Among them is a racist drama by Spike Lee, a comedy thriller and a Cannes Film Festival nominee for the mystical Western Bankura

.Five of the same blood (Da 5 Bloods)

Director Spike Lee’s new film is a passionate, dynamic and gripping epic that combines a tense, dramatic story with elements of humor.

Four black American war veterans return to Vietnam to find the body of their friend and an abandoned cache of gold. Lee offers an in-depth look at US history and racism.

Critics noted the performance of all four actors, but above all Delray Lindo, who may well receive the next Oscar. Lindo masterfully played the role of a person suffering from memories of the past and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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“Five of the same blood”, without a doubt, – one of the best films of the director, winner of the “Oscar” for outstanding services in cinema.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

“The David Copperfield Story” went unnoticed at the current Bafta ceremony, which is certainly unfair.

For film director-screenwriter Armando Janicki (Death of Stalin), this witty and original film is a significant achievement.

On the one hand, it pays tribute to Dickens’ great prose, and on the other, it exhibits brilliant cinematic effects, such as vivid picture, splitting screen, credits, voice-overs and the like.

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Although Janicki recreates the society of Victorian England, the film looks very modern, not least due to the national diversity of actors. The main role in the film is played by a British actor of Indian origin Dev Patel (“Slumdog Millionaire”).

The emotion and mood of the film is largely conveyed by the camera work: despondency on Autumn’s face, the boredom of her hometown compared to the stunning New York.

The film is striking in its honesty and emotionality.

The release of the film was postponed twice after mass shootings in the United States and harsh criticism of President Trump.

However, when the film by Craig Zobel and Damon Lindelöf finally hit theaters this spring on the eve of the quarantine, it amazed viewers with the fascination and unpredictability of the plot.

Film critic Karin James called the film “a witty and caustic satire of political conflict in American society.”


This is perhaps one of the weirdest and most original films of this year, set in a remote Brazilian village called Bankura.

A local community led by an alcoholic doctor (Sonia Braga) is fighting a corrupt politician and is trying to figure out why Bankura suddenly disappeared from all maps of the world, both printed and on the Internet.

Soon the village is captured by soldiers, and the film turns into a bloody action movie. The viewer can analyze the plot subtext and allusions to contemporary Brazilian politicians, or simply enjoy the exciting genre mix.

The work of directors Kleber Mendonca Filet and Giuliano Donella won the Cannes Jury Prize last year.

Imagine a more realistic and less glamorous version of The Devil Wears Prada. And while the main villain is without a doubt the CEO of the company, whose resemblance to Weinstein is growing closer, the film also denounces a corporate culture, thoroughly saturated with sexism and tacit complicity.

There are no loud speeches or outright confrontation of the characters in the film, but there is a tense expectation – whether the main character will rise up against the tyranny of her boss.

Director Benjamin Rea watched his characters for several years to create this multifaceted, moving chronicle of inspiration, guilt and invention.

Under the influence of such educators, it is not difficult to become the leader of one of the most violent gangs in history.

Justin Kurzweil’s Kelly is more violent and fearsome than any previous mobster movie, but he also evokes more sympathy.

The film also makes some poignant comments about the marginalization of certain social groups, but it’s the brilliant special effects that make Andrew Patterson’s debut film so amazing.

Long exposure shots of the city at night, against which funny dialogues sound, indicate that we are facing the rise of a new cinematic talent.

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