The most anticipated Russian films of 2021

The love story of the St. Petersburg film critic Sergei Dobrovolsky and his wife Karina performed by Alexander Gorchilin and Ani Chipovskaya

New picture of Angelina Nikon ova (“Portrait at Dusk”, “Welham Hum”), based on the memoirs of Karina Dobrotvorskaya “Has anyone seen my girl? 100 letters to Serosa “. This book is dedicated to Karina’s difficult relationship with her husband, the legendary St. Petersburg film critic Sergei Dobrovolsky. In the film, Karina, however, is called Kira (she is played by Anya Chipovskaya and Victoria Isakova), Dobrovolsky is called Dobrovolsky (Alexander Gorchilin), and the newspaper in which he is published is not Kommersant, but Financier (ha-ha). That is, before us, as it were, a story from a parallel reality, in which a bohemian and intellectual couple quarrels, reconciles, cannot have a child, and then breaks up, but even after 17 years, Kira cannot forget her lover, so she finds a young lover (Yuri Borisov), similar to him.  Actually, this is not a film, but some kind of caravan of stories. Not a love story, as the creators of the picture insist on, but a story of abuse in the most terrible heteronormative relationships. Terribly written, played and staged.

It can be seen that it is very difficult for this gnarled golem to move, so it moves with the help of “crutches” – the voiceover of Victoria Isakova (that is, the first rule of cinema is violated here: not to tell, but to show). The film also boasts, perhaps, the worst representation of film critics in the history of world cinema (colleagues will agree with me). Sergei Dobrotvorskaya is a film critic, philosopher, thinker, but not Alexander Gorchilin, who plays his pale copy (with all due respect to Alexander). In general, everything in the picture looks so fake that you start to doubt whether Nikon ova’s first work, Portrait at Twilight, is really a good film. And what happened to the director? There are many, too many uncomfortable questions hanging in the air.

Renata Litvinov made a film – the continuation of her own play

The actress and director Renata Litvinov successfully staged the play of the same name on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater in 2017, but the film is not at all an adaptation of it, but, as the director herself noted, continues it. In the center of the phantasmagoria is the world of matriarchy, where exceptionally graceful women rule everything, but suddenly something unprecedented happens for everyone – a kind of chaos broke out. Everything was created and filmed, of course, in Litwin’s way extravagant, grotesque, gloomy, pretentious and at the same time incredibly elegant. Litvinov staged “The North Wind” according to her own script, and entrusted the music to Zamfara, as in the case of the play. Galina Tuning, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Nikita Kukushkin, Tatyana Plisetskaya, Sophia Ernst, Anton Shatin, Manana Totibadze and, of course, Renata Litvinov herself played in the film.

Sergei Burano goes to the Grushinsky festival

A completely new project by Zora Kryzhovnikov is a spiritually uplifting comedy about a large family that is taking a father with a fatal diagnosis to the Grushinsky festival of author’s songs so that he fulfills his lifelong dream – sang a song he created in his youth. Kryzhovnikov wrote the script together with Alexey Khazanov (together they have already worked on both parts of “Bitter!” And the musical “The Best Day”). The main role is played by Sergei Burano, on whose charisma, apparently, the picture will be held. In addition to Burano, Anna Mikhalkova, Semyonov Treskunov, as well as singer Liza Monetochka starred in the film.

The latest film adaptation of a Russian folk tale with Pavel Derevyanko as a stallion

A screen version by Oleg Pogo din (“Invincible”, “House”) of the fairy tale of the same name by Piotr Reshod, which turned into a large-scale fabulous Old Russian blockbuster, where Ivan the Fool was played by Anton Shatin, and his faithful Humpbacked Horse –  Due to the use of advanced digital motion capture technologies, as well as an overabundance of not only computer graphics, but also Russian cinema stars (Paulina Andreev, Yan Stadnik, Mikhail Efrem, Liaison Utyasheva, Alexander Simcha and Oleg Makarov), the film’s budget was 600 million rubles.

The chief director of the Yakut film boom Dmitry Davida with a new film about a healer whom everyone considers a pariah

The first Yakut film in the Kantar competition program: a great event. This is a new picture of the headliner of the Yakut film boom Dmitry Davida. Recall that his first most powerful painting “Fire in the Wind” was shown at the Omsk “Movement” (Canadian Imaginative and Busan). The second – “There is no God but me” – at the Vyborg “Window to Europe” (not the best choice: films from this forum are rarely released and often disappear from all radars). The third finally made it to Sochi, where it delighted the audience and critics. In the center of the narrative is the healer (Valentina Romanova-Chyskyyrai; Kantar prize for the best female role), whom the villagers fear and shame, which, however, does not prevent them from periodically turning to her for help. About Davide’s new film, you can say exactly the same thing as about the previous ones: it is made invariably with high quality, but somehow too correct and dreary. It was as if the director had mastered a textbook on drama well, but had not gotten rid of the diligent student syndrome. Because of this, his cinema gives off some kind of artificiality and construction. However, what definitely does not take away from “Scarecrow” is the impressive ending credits. Grand Prix “Kantar” -2020.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov as a stern and caring father from the 90s

A nostalgic generational and very personal project from the creators of the Mir! Friendship! Gum!” and “Call DiCaprio!” Director Dmitry Efimovich, together with producers Anton Shulkin, Artyom Logonov and Anton Zaitsev, once again immerse viewers in the dashing 90s and tell how the hero of the stand-up artist Stash Starovoitov goes with his family to his father, recalling episodes from childhood that are closely associated with Bayt (Vladimir Vdovichenkov ) and relationships with him. Naturally, the authors not only exploit the well-known situations associated with parents, but also, probably, ask the question – what does it mean to be a good father? The film also stars Nakesha Mikhalkova and Elena Lyadova – Vdovichenkov real wife (before that they played together in Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” and the horror film “Creature”).

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