The Absolute Ranking of Fantastic Films 2020 Revealed

“Argument” has become a real symbol of 2020 – the first major movie release after the world lockdown and the best science fiction film. The FAN movie channel has published the Absolute Science Fiction Rating, created according to the Top Tops methodology. It was based on the lists of the best sci-fi films, the opinion of the audience, the data of the box office, as well as the opinion of the editors of FAN – the only film channel in the country specializing in fiction films in the genre of fantasy and science fiction.

To compile the absolute rating, the editors of the FAN film channel used a unique methodology. We studied the tops of the best sci-fi films for 2020 according to the version of well-known publications, box office data, the choice of viewers and editors of the most authoritative world and Russian resources, as well as the opinion of the FAN editorial board. 11 sources were chosen as the basis for creating the 2020 Absolute Rating: in-rating, thrills,,, popular mechanics,, BoxOfficeMojo,,, kinopoisk, met rankings.


The most anticipated fantastic picture of the year took the first place in the absolute rating. In the story of a former CIA agent who is trying to prevent the end of the world, the director uses his trademark technique: plunges the hero and the audience into mysterious circumstances, alternately throwing clues, and … effectively turns the time in the opposite direction.

The Invisible Man is another adaptation of the classic story of H.G. Wells. The main role in the film was played by the star of “Mad Men” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” Elisabeth Moss. Despite the sudden closure of cinemas this spring, the film, with a budget of $ 7 million, managed to earn $ 130 million. Perhaps the Invisible Man has never been so creepy and merciless.

In third place is the fantastic action movie directed by Dave Wilson, based on the comics about a Marine who was resurrected after death and turned into a killing machine. Dashing chases, spectacular battles and self-irony of the hero draw out an uncomplicated plot. The presence of Vin Diesel adds a special atmosphere.

An intriguing fantasy drama was “programmed” for audience success. Although the relationship between humans and robots is not a new plot, the authors of the film “My Creator” managed to bring so much tenderness and sadness into it that, it seems, we are watching not an experiment to create perfect artificial intelligence, but a tragic love story. After all, the true goal of the protagonist-scientist is to resurrect his girlfriend, who died several years ago. Are machines capable of feeling like humans, or are their emotions just an algorithm? This is the main question that “My Creator” is trying to answer.

Russian “Sputnik” burst into 5th place in the absolute rating. The film conquered foreign audiences, it took first place among the fantastic horror films in the American iTunes. And on Rotten Tomatoes Sputnik’s rating is 88%. This has not happened with Russian cinema for a long time. In addition, the famous screenwriter Paul Schroeder, who wrote scripts for the paintings of Martin Scorsese, praised the story of a Soviet cosmonaut with an alien creature inside him, on his Facebook page. And influential critics noted that Sputnik was unexpectedly spectacular and intriguing.

New Mutants is the first movie in the X-Men fantasy universe with horror elements. This is a film of a difficult fate: it was supposed to be released back in 2018. But the release was postponed five times. However, this did not stop the “Mutants” from gaining the attention of teenagers and taking the sixth line in the absolute rating.

For the first time, a dark-skinned woman Gina Prince-Byword became the director of a Hollywood film based on the movie “Immortal Guard”. Another win is that the tape made it to the top on Netflix. “Immortal Guard” managed to enter the top ten pictures from the line of Netflix Originals with the most views in a week after release. Viewers were impressed with how the heroine Charlize
Theron, who played a warrior in the film, commands a group of immortal soldiers, cold-bloodedly and effectively fighting enemies, saving the world.


The fantastic film “In Another’s Skin” attracted the public for its original view on the topic of technological progress: in the future, crimes are committed thanks to special brain implants, which, once in the body of another person, suppress his will.  Critics and audiences alike were delighted, noting that the story was thrilling and convincingly chilling.

The creators of the film “Underwater” offer their version of what awaits us at depth. The authors of the sci-fi picture with horror elements managed to literally “immerse” viewers in the story, conveying an unknown ocean nightmare. And the main fighters against underwater evil spirits – the star of “Twilight” Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel – fueled interest in the film.

Closes the rating “Edge of Time” – a picture from the original film science fiction writers of recent years Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the authors of “Paranormal”. This story is a curious look at the concept of time, and it scares you pretty well. Many critics have called this film “fantasy of the highest standard”, poetic, moderately touching, intriguing and mysterious.

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