How to learn English from TV shows and films?

It has long been known that learning English from movies and TV shows brings good results. And only skeptics grin.

Incidentally, this method should appeal to moviegoers who are not afraid of difficulties.

TV series and films in English

Agree that searching for your favorite movie with English subtitles through search engines, and even in good quality and without annoying ads, is a tedious task.

Recently, the site has shown itself to be quite good. It contains a large number of films of all kinds of genres. The catalog contains both classic films and the latest novelties. The range of films is updated daily. All films are in excellent quality and without annoying ads. Which is quite enough both for learning English and for a pleasant pastime.

Why is learning English from movies and TV shows effective?

When you watch your favorite movies and sitcoms, you don’t get tired as quickly as when you do grammar exercises. And if the film is really your favorite – parsing the dialogues will not be a burden.
Viewing authentic materials – what could be more useful and entertaining?
In TV shows and films, a huge number of phrasal verbs and words from the vocabulary of the average American or Englishman. In works of fiction and grammar textbooks, they are much less common. But their knowledge distinguishes a person for whom English is not native from a native speaker.
Watching foreign films and TV series introduces the customs and traditions of the Americans and the British.

How to work with films and TV series without translation? When learning English through video, many questions arise. Do I need to turn on subtitles? Is it necessary to disassemble the next episode of a soap opera or a detective story, or will new phrases and words be remembered by themselves?

Subtitles in TV shows and films in English

Let’s make a reservation right away that if you taught English at school, then you don’t need Russian subtitles. They are necessary for people with zero knowledge in order to experience the peculiarities of a foreign language. You can watch films and TV shows only with English subtitles. But already from the Intermediate level, try to turn them off as well. Refer to subtitles only during parsing.

How to properly disassemble a video

This is probably the hardest part.

After watching a movie or TV series (preferably the next day), select a piece of video that you would like to disassemble.
Write out unfamiliar words in context (for example, not suicide, but commit suicide). Also do with interesting phrases and unfamiliar grammatical constructions.
Next, write your examples with new lexical units. The analysis is considered complete only when there are no unfamiliar or incomprehensible phrases left for you in the video.
Minus – it will take more than one day to fully analyze one film or episode of the series. But your efforts will pay off faster than if you just watched your favorite TV series in English, understanding almost nothing.

Repetition is the mother of learning

For a quick mastery of English, we recommend the Shadowing technique. Its essence lies in the repeated repetition of an authentic speech behind the announcer. The method develops listening comprehension, improves pronunciation and helps to remember even complex grammatical structures and phrases. Take a piece of a movie or TV series, 3-5 minutes long, and repeat each phrase after the characters. At the same time, try to catch the tempo of the speech of the actors and intonation. Repeat 3-7 times until you memorize basic phrases and grammatical constructions.

A selection of TV shows for learning English

For beginners, we recommend “Extra”, developed by the British television channel “Channel 4”. This is an easy and fun TV series that will allow you to quickly fill in the gaps in your school curriculum in English.

Desperate Housewives. An interesting plot, supplemented by a measured tempo of speech and everyday vocabulary, became the reason that many students study English on the TV series “Desperate Housewives”. You can study it with a solid Pre-Intermediate.

“Gossip Girl”. The series “Gossip Girl” will tell you about the life of rich youth. A large number of dialogues, while the actors speak at an average pace.

Our selection would be incomplete if we did not mention the cult TV series Friends. However, we believe that you can start following the lives of six friends from New York at the Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level. The characters speak at a fairly fast pace, so the meaning of the phrases may elude students with a lower level. Don’t forget this is a comedy sitcom. Most of the jokes are based on puns, the understanding of which can be difficult for Russian speakers.

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