Best Indian Movies

Indian films can be said to be a separate cinematic genre.

More than 1000 feature films are produced annually in Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood, Ollywood and other centers of Indian cinema.

Most of these films are almost impossible to watch for Western audiences, but still there are very good films among them – stunning and mesmerizing with their beauty, plot or acting work. It is to such good and interesting Indian films that this page is dedicated, here are collected the best Indian films for many years.

Most Indian films are romantic musical dramas with many music and dance scenes, but there are also Indian films where there is no music or dance at all, they are shot according to European standards and with serious themes.

The list of 30+ best Indian films on this page includes both types of films, as even without dancing, an Indian film remains Indian – with its own special flavor and specifics.

There are also several films made by American and British directors in India.

The best Indian films on this page are displayed in chronological order from old to modern, with a short description for each film indicating its genre and which popular actors are playing the main roles.

1. Kama Sutra: A Love Story

Kama Sutra: A Love Story (1996) – a historical-romantic film by an American filmmaker of Indian origin, the title refers to the ancient Indian treatise Kama Sutra and serves as a general connection between the characters. The action of the picture takes place in India in the 16th century and tells about how you can live and love further, without looking back at the past.

2. Everything in life happens

Everything in Life Happens (1998) – a melodrama about a love triangle and love for a daughter, the film is the debut of Karan Johari, one of the most successful directors in Bollywood, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajal, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan.

3. Both in sorrow and in joy

Joy and Sadness (2001) is a melodramatic film that tells the story of an Indian family facing problems because of the love of their adopted son with a girl from a lower socioeconomic group than them. The cast of the film is famous – Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Badura, Shah Rukh Khan, Karol, Haritha Roshan, Karena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee.

4. Emperor

The Emperor (2001) is an epic historical film about the early life of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled most of the Indian subcontinent in the 3rd century BC and is known as the great patron of Buddhism, who did more than anyone to convert Buddhism into a world religion It was.

5. Devas

Devas (2002) – a melodrama set in the early 1900s, tells the story of a young man from a wealthy family, whose parents prevent him from marrying his girlfriend since childhood, starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

6. Will come tomorrow or not

Whether Tomorrow Comes or Not (2003) is a melodramatic film set in New York in 2003, about how the main character of the film, an MBA student with difficulties in family and life, finds true friendship and true love, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Saiph Ali Khan and Pretty Zintan

7. Virk and Zara

Veer and Zara (2004) – a romantic drama about forbidden love between an Indian military man and a Pakistani woman from a wealthy political family, the film sensually raises the problem of Indian-Pakistani relations, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Prate Zintan and Rani Mukherjee.

8. Blind love

Blind Love (2006) is a romantic thriller film that tells a love story set against the backdrop of the struggle for independence in the Indian state of Kashmir, starring Amir Khan and Kajal

9. Krishi

Kris (2006) – Fantastic superhero Indian film about a guy with supernormal abilities, this is the second part of the Krrish trilogy-franchise, starring Haritha Roshan, Rekha and Priyanka Chopra.

10. Stars on the ground

Stars on Earth (2007) is a Bollywood drama film about a dyslexic child and his talented teacher, this film is the directorial debut of Aamir Khan, he also played the main role here.

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