11 awesome video channels in English about movies, filming and movie bloopers

Introducing 11 awesome YouTube channels where you’ll find movie trailers, bloopers, and fun facts about movies.

1. Movieclips Trailers

The Movieclips Trailer channel quickly uploads the latest movie trailers, as well as short videos from various film festivals. The good quality of the videos will delight you, and the clear pronunciation of the authors will help you train your listening comprehension skills. If you are having trouble hearing something, turn on subtitles. Now you will definitely not miss any new film distribution!

2. Screen Rant

Screen Rant team has been successfully developing its channel since 2008. They collaborate with studios Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel, Universal Pictures, etc. This allows the guys to create completely unique videos that are impossible to tear themselves away from. You will see movie bloopers from famous films and TV series, interesting details and secrets of films, as well as hidden symbols and jokes.

3. Cinemas ins

The Cinemas ins team’s motto is No movie is without sin. The guys diligently look for the most ridiculous inconsistencies and punctures in famous films. Several times a week they present an exciting new video for their fans. By the way, the channel already has over 9 million subscribers, join us!

4. Cinemas ins Jeremy

Cinemas ins Jeremy is a small offshoot of the previous channel. It was founded by Jeremy, an announcer for Cinemas ins. Here are reviews of new tapes, as well as flaws and punctures in the films. The narrator has a kind of logic, and yet there is no censorship here. The videos have subtitles, so it won’t be difficult to understand the author.

5. Fandom Entertainment

On this channel, you will find a selection of the best films of different genres, reviews of new film distributions, interviews with creators and actors, as well as live broadcasts with authors from Fandom Entertainment. In addition, it is a real paradise for comic book lovers – videos about various superheroes take up the lion’s share of the playlist.

6. Couch T

What do Star Wars and Kung Fu Panda, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, The Hulk and the Fantastic Four have in common? The answers to these questions and dozens of fascinating videos are posted on the Couch T channel. The author draws parallels between the films, finds similarities and differences, so the presented videos will captivate you from the very first moments. If necessary, you can turn on subtitles in English and learn a few new words.

7. WatchMojo.com

WatchMojo.com has over 24 million subscribers and was one of the ten most watched YouTube channels in the world five years ago. The authors post a selection of the best films of different genres, recommendations for watching films, reviews of the most anticipated films, and also share interesting videos of colleagues in the workshop.

8. Filmi snow Movie Bloopers & Extras

On the channel, you will see bad shots and bloopers that will make you take a fresh look at the film and your favorite actors. In addition, the authors post scenes removed from the films. Do you want to know how this or that film was filmed? Check out the series of interviews in which the creators of the films give details of the filming.

9. Box-office | HORROR | Full Movies

Are you the lucky owner of nerves of steel and iron endurance? Then welcome to the kingdom of darkness Box-office | HORROR | Full Movies. The authors are posting fresh trailers for films of the genres “horror” and “science fiction”. Although these are not full-fledged films, there is still a chance to get on your nerves. We recommend watching trailers in pitch darkness, turning on subtitles if necessary.

10. Mr. Sunday Movies

In a company with this channel, time flies unnoticed: the authors post excellent reviews of films of different genres, trailers, interesting scenes from films. This is the name for a variety of hidden surprises and riddles from the filmmakers. Easter eggs are difficult to find when watching a movie, but it’s always interesting to know about them.

11. Science vs Cinema

The creators of the channel take a popular film and thoroughly study how scientific facts and what is happening in general are probable and close to life, and what simply cannot happen in reality. With these videos, you will not only improve your English, but also learn a lot of interesting scientific facts.

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We have presented 11 channels that will reveal the secrets of modern cinema, as well as help you broaden your horizons and improve your English proficiency.

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