A huge industry, second in the world after Hollywood. Viewers, whose number far exceeds a billion people. The stars, whose names outside of Muslim countries are known by a few, but in their homeland they are honored as gods. Indian cinema is multifaceted, absolutely modern and worthy of being re-introduced.

2014 / Comedy, Drama, Fantasy / India

One of the most popular Indian films of recent years is more similar in style and plot to a mischievous European comedy. Movie star and producer Amir Khan plays the naïve alien Piece, who is stuck on Earth during his research expedition and is now trying to find his way home. And at the same time he shocks the inhabitants of our planet with eccentric behavior from their point of view and “stupid” questions.

2016 / Drama, Action, Biopic / India

Another hit from Amir Khan, but this is not a comedy, a real sports drama, and even about emancipation. The hero is a professional wrestler, who had not sons, but daughters. And since he had a dream that his son would become a champion, he begins to train girls and achieves tremendous success, although others do not always like it.

2007 / Drama / India

A story about a little boy who is different from other children and who finds it too difficult to explain this to his family. His father sends him to a boarding school, and the boy is already quite ready to withdraw into himself, but he meets a teacher in the new educational institution, who becomes the boy’s best friend and helps him build stronger relationships with the world.

2016 / Drama, Family Movie, Action / India

After a child’s struggle, you can look at an adult. Two champion wrestlers show a high level of skill in the ring, laying down opponents one by one. Both are practically invincible, but only for the time being, until they fall in love with each other. History resembles an ancient epic, but everything happens today.

2009 / Comedy, Drama, Adventure / USA

In general, Khan is a very versatile personality, he produces films, removes them and often appears in both his own and other people’s films. And most of all, Indians value precisely his versatility of his talent. For example, in this film he has both dramatic and purely comedic moments, and song numbers, because the film is very musical.

2015 / Comedy, Drama, Adventure / India

Musical numbers can frame even harsh stories like this one. A dumb Pakistani girl tries to return home with the help of a noble Indian man. There are many realistic details of life in the country, poverty, heat, tired people. But the heroes are charged with a common goal, and they will go this way, and it will be shown incredibly effectively – with rapid speeds in the spirit of Guy Ritchie, which makes the film very entertaining.

2010 / Drama, Adventure, Romance / India

Another superstar of India, Shah Rukh Khan, is also a specialist in all directions. Usually he sings, dances and seduces, but here he is much more defenseless, because his hero is an emigrant, and the action of the film is set in the USA, which immediately takes the film beyond the limits of a product for domestic consumption. The road movie of a foreigner across America plus the romantic goal of reconciliation is already a completely festival topic.

2015 / Drama, Action, Historical film / India

Known outside India, Sanjay Leela Bansal is loved by audiences mainly for the exquisite solution of all kinds of love triangles in his films. This one differs from the previous paintings in its scope: an epic historical canvas about the love of a commander and a princess, where action scenes and musical numbers only frame the story of raging passions facing the burden of state responsibilities. Released in the USA, the film earned about $ 6 million, which is a rare figure for Indian cinema.

2016 / Crime, Thriller, Action / India

The cruel sadist Cabal is actually a real hero, because he injures people for a reason. He does this by protecting the large Tamil diaspora in Malaysia. Tamils have a hard time there, they are not particularly protected by the law, so they are often targeted by local gangsters. And then an elderly, but full of strength Cabal appears, who is very good at fighting. Tamils can continue to work in peace.

2010 / Drama, Adventure, Action / India

A sci-fi action comedy about a versatile robot that can defeat an army and cook a festive dinner with the same expression. And then suddenly a small upgrade: now this iron man is able to love. It is not difficult to guess what situations a great robotic feeling can lead to. Although some jokes, not without reason, pretend to be originality.

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